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Quality Policy and Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

Our quality policy: Superior Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Confided Delivery.

Lightwave Link Inc. is a manufacturer of passive components for optical communication. We have advanced design, manufacturing process, testing and sales capabilities. It is the responsibility and the honor of all employees of Lightwave Link Inc. to provide the most satisfactory service to customers.


Quality System Certification

Lightwave Link Inc. has a complete quality management system and fully complies with all requirements of the ISO9001: 2015 edition. The ISO9001:2015 version of Lightwave Link Inc. covers the design, manufacture and sales service of optical switch devices and optical switch modules.

Reliability Verification

Lightwave Link Inc. develops new products and conducts regular reliability verification projects in accordance with Telcordia GR-1073-Core and GR-1221-Core. This standard includes product reliability assurance activities and points out the instrument suppliers, the optoelectronic component manufacturers, and the network management during the design engineering phase, manufacturing phase, and reliability/quality organization. This standard is also intended to help more reliable operation of optical passive components in typical optical network equipment and network applications.


Environmental Policy

Lead-free products are available.

Become a green product partner for customers.

In order to meet international laws and regulations and customer needs, it has been fully converted to lead-free manufacturing process, and has been tested by the third verification unit to verify that it meets the banned (restricted) substances stipulated in the EU “ RoHS (2011/65/EU)“. In order to achieve the purpose of improving the environmental quality of products, protecting the global environment and reducing the impact on the ecosystem.

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