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Lightwave Link Inc. is a leading brand of optical fiber switches worldwide. Our goal is to provide advanced optical fiber switches for optical telecommunication applications.


Lightwave Link Inc. was founded in July 1996, settled in the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park. The company specializes in optical switches from research the technology, product design throughout its own factory production to its own brand marketing, etc., and has obtained 12 patents in Europe, the United States, Japan, Taiwan, etc., customers are all over the world. The company’s main products and services are:

100G Optical Bypass Module

Available in LR4, SR4. Its innovated design provides the fiber bypass function become selectable within single PCI card.

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We have well-equipped factory facilities, various precision optical measuring instruments and specially designed optical alignment work platform.

Production ability

More than 25 years of experience, professional production and strict quality control, providing reliability verification

Quality system

Superior Quality, Service First, Customer Satisfaction, Accurate Delivery Confided Delivery

Environmental Policy

In line with international laws and regulations and customer needs, it has fully converted to lead-free manufacturing process and become a green product partner of customers

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