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Company Introduction

Lightwave Link Inc. was established in July 1996 in California, USA. In 2001, moved back to Hsinchu Science Park to start mass production and develop international markets.

The company specializes in optical fiber switch, optical fiber switch module and optical module three series of about 120 different products, from research and development technology, product design and factory production to its own brand marketing, etc., and the products are mainly used in network and communication or industrial computer and other protection measures, customers all over the world, and has an indicator of international well-known large customers. The company’s main products and services are:


After 20+ years of learning from the market, we have established partnerships with international business cooperation.

After 20+ years of tempering, in addition to establishing a good physique of profound technology and high-quality products, and at the same time deploying a complete global marketing network and bases, Lightwave Link Inc. is committed to solving the problem of communication network congestion, improving products into basic components with fast speed, small size and low consumption, and actively establishing partnerships with international manufacturers to jointly pursue multi-party business opportunities to achieve shared prosperity.

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