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Answers to many Frequently Asked Questions on Optical Switch.

Bypass, in general, means either to go around something by an external route rather than going through it, or the means of accomplishing that feat. In network security, a bypass is a flaw in a security system that allows an attacker to circumvent security mechanisms to get system or network access. Using our bypass modules to automatically fail-to-wire in the event of a power outage or hardware failure. The modules automatically return to normal operating mode when conditions permit.

1.LLI is an optical switch manufacture

(1) More easily to control the yield rate
(2) More cost advantage

2.User friendly

(1) Less installation procedure

1-1.Customer no need to do the SMT on switch and transceiver
1-2.Customer no need to plug in/out the transceiver

(2) Less fiber routing

3. Smaller in dimension.

(1) Current switch supplier + 2pcs transceivers: 30.0L x 30.0W x 8.5H(mm) + (56.6L x 14W x 13.35H)x2 (mm)

(2) LLI: 65L x 55W x 15H (mm)

4. SFP Transceiver can be Upon customer’s request

All products from LLI need to follow:

1. ISO9001

2. GR-1073-CORE

3. GR-1221-CORE

4. MIL-105E

5. RoHS

Optic Automation Switch / EDFA / DWDM / Back reflection Meter

Latching : control by pulse, when power off it will hold status

Non-latching : control by continuously power, when power off, it will switch to the initial state