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Manufacturing capabilities

Factory Profile

The production base of Lightwave Link Inc. is located in Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park, in addition to having perfect plant facilities and planning, we also have a group of professional and technical personnel with an average of more than 12 years of experience, supplemented by various precision optical measuring instruments and specially designed optical coupling working platforms, responsible for the production of high-precision optical fiber-to-fiber mechanical optical switches. Lightwave Link Inc. has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the research and development and manufacturing of optical fiber communication related products, and provides customers with highly satisfactory products and services with professional production and strict quality control and reliability verification.


Capacity and Yield rate.

Taking the 1×2 optical switch as the conversion basis, each shift is eight hours, and the monthly production capacity is 5,000 pieces/shift/month. The average yield rate is above 98%.

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