4×4 Fiber Optical Bypass Box-FOBBC

4×4 Fiber Optical Bypass Box-FOBBC

Product description

The 4×4 Industrial Bypass Optical Switch utilizes fiber-to-fiber technology over an angled surface to achieve ultra low losses and crosstalk. It is an external Optical Bypass Box for 10 /1Gbps fiber Gigabit Ethernet networks. The 4×4 Optical Bypass Box protects from network failures and is easy to implement network maintenance by ensuring network integrity. It is suitable for all bi-directional protection switching applications where premise-side connectivity is not required in the bypass state. The optical bypass box provides excellent performance on your network and posses the advantages of compact and competitive cost. Lightwave Link 4×4 Industrial Bypass Optical Switch fully complies with RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU.

Key features

.Compact Format
.Low Return-Loss
.Available in Single Mode / Multi Mode
.Non-Latching Type
.LED indicators for Power and OSW status
.Power on Time Delay
.DIN Type Mounted

Application areas

.Node Bypass Protection
.Network Maintenance
.Industrial Ethernet Ring Switch
.Intrusion Prevention System
.WAN Optimization
.High Performance Server 

Product characteristics

Parameter 9μm Core Single Mode 50μm or 62.5μm Core Multi Mode Unit
Min. Typ. Max. Min. Typ. Max.
Wavelength Range 1 1260~1630 850/1300 nm
Straight Insertion Loss 2 0.5 1.0 0.4 0.8 dB
Bypass Insertion Loss 2 0.8 1.6 0.6 1.3
Return Loss -50 dB
PDL 0.1 dB
WDL 0.3 dB
Crosstalk -80 -80 dB
Repeatability ±0.1 ±0.1 dB
Switching Time 3 5 5 ms
Absolute Optical Input Power 500 500 mW
Operating Current 150±10% mA
Operating Voltage 12~48 VDC
Power Consumption 750±10% mW
EMI Certification FCC Class B
Switching Life Expectancy 3×107 3×107 Cycles
Operation Temperature-Normal -5 70 -5 70
Operation Temperature-Special -20 70 -20 70
Storage Temperature -40 85 -40 85
Operation Humidity 5 95 5 95 %RH
Storage Humidity 5 95 5 95 %RH
Dimension (H*W*L) 26 x 95 x 140 mm
Weight 4 510 g


1. Special wavelength would be upon request.
2. Optical parameters excluded connectors.
3. A minimum ≧20ms pulse is recommended for latching type of switch.
4. The product weight excluded optical connectors.