Bypass in in-line / ITS

Bypass in in-line / ITS

The bypass switches upon failure by detecting a loss of link and loss of power of any inline appliance. The bypass switch is designed to maintain operational link state to all ports (except in the power down state) making the switchover seamless and unnoticed by users. By constantly monitoring link status, the bypass switch can automatically switch to the bypass state on link failure.

Lightwave Link bypass solutions target network security and ITS (Intelligent Transport System) applications such as intrusion detection/prevention, gateway antivirus, web filtering, WAN acceleration, and industrial-ethernet-switch applications. The new 10G fiber bypass network module allows customers to deliver communication solutions with higher throughput and fewer network cables to meet the ever-increasing demand for throughput capacity in next-generation security and ITS industries.

In-line bypass, e.g. IPS

Bypass in ITS industrial application

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