Optical Line Protection Module

Optical Line Protection Module


Lightwave Link Inc OLPM (Optical Line Protection Module) is combined with optical switch, optical splitter and optical power monitoring function.
The OLPM is consisted of one 1×2 optical switch, one 1×2 optical splitter and PD monitoring. The subsidiary electrical circuitries are for driving optical switch, performing PD monitoring and demarcating PD linear range with I2C interface.
The main function of OLPM are splitting optical signals, selecting optical light path and monitoring the optical power.
Lightwave Link Inc OLPM complies with TELCORDIA GR-1312-CORE.


.Input port (IN) light signal output to TXA and TXB via 50/50 splitter.
.Light signal is from RXA to Tap1, 2.5% for optical power monitoring and 97.5% for transmission to 1×2 optical switch.
.Light signal is from RXB to Tap2, 2.5% for optical power monitoring and 97.5% for transmission to 1×2 optical switch.
.Output port (OUT) will output the light signal from RXA and RXB via selected optical path by 1×2 optical switch.
.The PD monitor results (analog signals) will convert to digital signals by AD convertor and output to management system via I2C interface.
.There are optical switch driving circuitry inside and control the optical switch’s status via electrical pin and timing signals.
.There is EEPROM with I2C interface to keep two demarcated PDs’ linear ranges.
.There is online function inside for status judgment from management system.
.There are 40 optical power data in EEPROM, the optical power of AD monitoring will compare with EEPROM and find the optical power range then upload to management system.


.Split the input light source to two paths by 1×2 splitter (INTXA/TXB).
.Monitoring the optical powers from RXA/RXB and feedback to management system via I2C interface. Management system will control the optical switch via subsidiary circuitries to obtain the optical light path selecting function.


Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Application wavelength 1260~1360 / 1490~1640 nm
Optical Power Detect Range λop 1528~1565 nm
Tap Coupler Ratio 2.5 %
Input Power Range IN P ≤500 mW
RXA or RXB -30 +10 dBm
Optical Power Detect Precision ±0.5dBm @ 0 dBm≤P≤+10 dBm dB
±0.6dBm @ -20dBm≤P<0 dBm
±0.8dBm @ -30dBm≤P<-20dBm
Insertion Loss 1 IN ⇔ TXA &TXB IL 4.5 dB
RXA or RXB ⇔OUT 1.6
Polarization Dependent Loss PDL ≤0.3 dB
Directivity DIR ≤-50 dB
Cross Talk CT ≤-55 dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion PMD ≤0.2 Ps
Return Loss 1 RL ≤-40 dB
Operation Temperature Top -10 70
Storage Temperature Tstg -40 85
Operation Humidity Hop 5 95 %RH
Storage Humidity Hstg 5 95 %RH
Dimension (H x W x L) 13.5 x 75 x 55 mm3
Weight 2 70 g


1. With connectors.
2. The product weight exclude optical connectors.